Станислав Половицкий в программе “Деловое утро” на Первом Деловом Канале. Эфир 21.06.2016

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  3. as vrea o centrala economica si fiabila pt un ap 50m. am primit o multime de oferte pt motan. dar as vrea buderus, weissman arca sau vaillant.ce sa aleg? tinand cont de consum fiabilitate si service in pitesti

  4. A great post as always! Maybe I am lucky (or just lazy!) but I made a rule ages ago, that I will not go into his room until I can hear him babbling away on the monitor. I think when he was younger, and would cry during a nap, I would rush in and try to comfort him, which usually just woke him up and made him even grumpier. I now will wait and he either stops crying and falls back asleep or starts playing in his crib. Then I know it’s safe to go in!

  5. Leroy, have you ever been to Africa? Here in America we have a government of the people by the people and FOR the people. Yes there is hunger in America, you cannot compare it with Africa. In the USA people have the opportunity to receive benefits (welfare), school lunches, etc. There is a support system. It is just getting those people to the programs and educating them. In Africa it is completely different. Get on a plane and see for your self, and then come back and comment.

  6. Hallo,erstmal DANKE! für die große Mühe ich hatte zwar das gleiche Problem, dass mein google zeugs nicht drauf war, aber ich habe den ganzen scheiß einfach nochmal installiert. Danach hat alles perfekt funktioniert!Bin zufreiden DANKE!Mit freundlichen GrüßenMarvin

  7. he didnt die from an overdose he died when he logged on to concrete loop and seen ugly ole angel monkey face smirking at him….such a shame..she really needs a new pic..tianna looks cute in hers..what happened to the troll?

  8. hallo an alle,ich hab das selbe problem wie alle hier, aber nachdem ich den ersten tip befolgt hab, ist mein iphone wieder ansprechbar! vielen dank dafür erstmal!!! meine frage ist nun, kann ich noch irgenwie meine daten sichern mit irgendeinem trick?itunes fragt mich nur nach wiederherstellung und bietet nix weiteres an…

  9. … « un pays enemi » !?Peut être allez vous m’éclairer : quelle est la dispute entre le peuple français et le peuple iranien ? Un problème de frontières peut être ?Au bon vieux temps du Shah et de la Savak qui torturait de manière industrielle, l’Iran était le chouchou de l’occident dans la région et avait droit à toutes les armes et technologies. Maintenant qu’il est indépendant, et qu’il empêche la domination stratégique absolue de la région il pose problème…

  10. Sou fã desde adolescente!É um daqueles seres que pairam acima dos comuns mortais. O Robert Redford, claro, Marili adoro você mas ainda aqui entre os mortais diferenciados. Beijos.

  11. Je suis totalement en accord avec ce que tu as écrit là. Prévenir plutôt que guérir, mais va faire comprendre cela à la majorité – très large majorité ! – non ! pour eux la Sécu rembourse, alors que le bio "coûte cher" ! c'est le monde à l'envers !Diane06

  12. Remember in your life you eat everything found‘in the dirt” as you said such as rice, wheat, corn, vegetables, potatoes, etc. Even chickens, pigs, cows, and fish play “in the dirt”. So herbs are found “in the dirt”. They are part of nature. If you hate dirt, you have nothing to eat. All you need is to wash away the dirt. What is your problem?I don’t mind losing illogical customers like you. You will come back when you mature or get enlightened.

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